TCP/IP client plugin

Vincent Yang

Posted on 04.11.2016 01:59


I had made a server for that plugin but it's not working in Hardware setup of Dewesoft.

After pressing the test button, in log file everything looks fine.

03.11.2016 20:47:30:713 [DEBUG] starting TCP connection: localhost:8112

03.11.2016 20:47:30:713 [TRACE] calling FIdTcpClient.Connect

03.11.2016 20:47:30:838 [ INFO] started TCP connection: localhost:8112

03.11.2016 20:47:30:838 [TRACE] Command: getProtocolVersion

03.11.2016 20:47:30:838 [TRACE] Response: 1

03.11.2016 20:47:30:839 [TRACE] Command: disconnect

03.11.2016 20:47:30:839 [TRACE] Response:

03.11.2016 20:47:30:839 [ INFO] disconnected TCP

But the message always shows "connection falied : failed to connect to the server".

Please refer to the attached screenshot.

Did I miss any command to reply the test request?


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Vincent Yang

Posted on 04.11.2016 02:38

update the log file

03.11.2016 21:37:54:739 [DEBUG] starting TCP connection: localhost:8112

03.11.2016 21:37:54:739 [TRACE] calling FIdTcpClient.Connect

03.11.2016 21:37:54:864 [ INFO] started TCP connection: localhost:8112

03.11.2016 21:37:54:864 [TRACE] Command: getProtocolVersion

03.11.2016 21:37:54:864 [TRACE] Response: 1.1.4

03.11.2016 21:37:54:865 [TRACE] Command: disconnect

03.11.2016 21:37:54:865 [TRACE] Response:

03.11.2016 21:37:54:865 [ INFO] disconnected TCP

Martin Trummer
Software Development
Posted on 09.11.2016 09:18


when you press the Test button in hardware setup, then the plugin will open a TCP/IP connection. Your server must respond with the welcome message immediately Example:

+CONNECTED to: YourAppName

then the plugin will ask for the protocol version that your server supports - the response must be exactly

+OK 1.0


Vincent Yang

Posted on 09.11.2016 10:09

Hi Martin

I change the protocol version to 1.0 and 2.12, but the result is still the same.

Please take a look at the attached captured packet by microsoft network monitor 3.4.


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Martin Trummer
Software Development
Posted on 10.11.2016 12:41

we will clarify the issue directly via e-mail.

mert dog

Posted on 02.02.2017 17:05

Dear all

We have our own software and would like to communicate with dewesoft as a server and send and receive data through dewesoft and sirius x. Is it somehow possible? Thanks. Mert

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 23.02.2017 11:46


I'm sorry that there's been no response to your question for a long time. Our current system only sends us notifications for new threads, so it can take some time before we notice a new post in an old thread.

As for your question, it is possible. You have two possible ways to do this, using the NET interface or DCOM. The best source for all information regarding this can be found in the developers section of our website. If you're logged in, you will also be able to see all of the files (examples) that we have available. Some of them are a bit dated, but I think there's still a lot of useful information to be found, hopefully in your language of choice.

There is also a document which describes how to register the server, set up the connection, read channels and so on, which I think is a good place to start. Please let us know if you have any follow up questions and you can also contact [email protected], if you won't receive a response here.

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