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Malek ABDI

Posted on 09.01.2017 23:54


Now, in Dewesoft, you can create a button linked to a Dewesoft action like "Start storing"," Stop acquisition",'s very usefull.

I would like to create a button linked to a procedure or a function inside a plugin.

I have a sensor that can be started and resetted manually by sending a RS232 command through the comport, a button on Dewesoft display during acquisition will be great.

First of all, is it possible? if yes, can you send me how to do that?

Regards Malek

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 10.01.2017 07:20


I'm not totally sure how you'd go about assigning a function to a DEWESoft button. I think that one way would be to configure a custom visual control, which might prove to be quite a bit of work. I have another suggestion that might be useful to you.

You could create a control channel and link it to a button. If that button would be pressed, it would output a one pulse. You could have your DCOM application read values from that channel and whenever it reaches a one, it would start your custom procedure/function, which would reset the sensor. Since the control channels are asynchronous and only output a sample when pressed, you wouldn't even need to check for a specific value, but could rather just activate your procedure when the channel produces a sample. Would something like this work for you?

Malek ABDI

Posted on 15.01.2017 22:22

Many thanks I will test it as soon as possible.

Regards M

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