lib.DWGetEventList in Python

Arvid Arvid

Posted on 28.02.2017 11:09

I am running in to problems when I try to implement DWGetEventList in Python 2.7.11, everything else works just fine.
I am using the latest dll and python example code from the "Developer" page.

The extra code I added looks as follows:

eventCount = lib.DWGetEventListCount()
print 'Event count',eventCount
eventList = (DWEvent * eventCount)()
print [event.event_text for event in eventList]

The returned event_text/event_type/time_stamp are all a bit weird.
Here is the first few entries I get back:
['ce - Slow storing started', 'started', ' event; Simple edge on StoringTrue [Trig=0,5-; Direction=Positive]', '', '']

How can I solve this?

Arvid -

Posted on 01.03.2017 15:47

So, I sort of solved the problem in a not so pretty way.
If you change the DWEvent class in to:

class DWEvent(Structure):
_fields_ = [("event_type", c_int),("time_stamp", c_byte*8),("event_text", c_char*200)]

So "time_stamp" is changed from a c_double to c_byte*8. Both should should have a size of 8 bytes, but c_double just doesn't work.
And then you add the following lines in DWDataReaderExample:

import struct
eventCount = lib.DWGetEventListCount()
eventList = (DWEvent * eventCount)()
if lib.DWGetEventList(byref(eventList)) != DWStatus.DWSTAT_OK.value:
DWRaiseError("DWDataReader: DWGetEventList() failed")
for i,event in enumerate(eventList):
print i,event.event_type,float(struct.unpack('d',event.time_stamp)[0]), event.event_text

"event_type" and "event_text" work just as expected but "time_stamp" has to be unpacked as it is an array of 8 bytes and not a double.

I have no idea why this works and c_double doesn't, but at least this solves the problem for me. Hope it helps!

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