ExternalClock Mode using DCOM

Vaclav Cejka

Posted on 28.03.2013 15:58
Couple of year ago I led discussion with Mr. Zolteck about our implementarion of some of our special devices into DEWESoft V6 at this time. Now we upgraded our 4 DSA licences to V7 and I realized immediatelly there is a problem. In version 6 we had to use setup6.ini – MasterMode property, which is no longer applicable. I found out in Default.d7p node Main_Ext_Clk_Mode which does exactly the same service, bounded to HW setup – clocks for Orion cards. I would like to ask – is it possible to change this property using DCOM interface without directly writing to XML files and restarting the application? I suppose it must be somehow possible, because I can do it in DEWESoft. Sincerely Vaclav Cejka
Marjan1 Grilj
Posted on 29.03.2013 07:51
Hello Vaclav, Answer directly from Gerald Zotzeck: --- I see 2 ways for Vaclav: way1: MasterMode MasterMode property in Setup6.ini is still available but it needs to be Setup7.ini in SubFolder \System\V7_0\ Way2: ProjectXML-File The internal property to define Clocks of Orion-DSA-Cards can be set directly inside the HardwareSetupScreen now. Picture 1: http://i50.tinypic.com/dsjts.jpg I would now make 2 or as many needed ProjectSetups directly in Dewesoft. Picture 2: http://i48.tinypic.com/ionkar.jpg In the end I would load different ProjectFiles via DCOM: ResultBool := FApp.ProjectManager.ChangeProject(‘test1’); --- Best regards, Marjan.
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