DWDataReader - DWDataWriter?

Richard Graham

Posted on 13.04.2017 00:18

I see there is a DWDataReader. Is there a DWDataWriter? I need to read the DXD file and do some processing outside of DEWESoft, but I want to still use DEWESoft for analysis.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 13.04.2017 08:11


the DWDataReader allows third party applications to access data directly from the DXD file, so that you can analyze data outside of DEWESoft. We don't offer a writer functionality that would be able to apply the changes back to DEWESoft.

If you want to make custom changes to the data while at the same time be able to see the changes in DEWESoft, then the only way to do that is via a custom plugin. It is quite a bit more complex, but it can be done.

Sambit Tripathy

Posted on 25.07.2018 00:26

A DWDataWriter that writes back the files in .mat format after reading it from the d7d file using DWDataReader would solve many inconsistency issues. Right now I am using the scipy package of Python to write the data back to a mat file, a dll/so implementation is better any given day.

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