DS7.1 / DCOM : Is it possible to read multiple channels at the same time?

Denis Desourdy

Posted on 11.04.2017 13:56


Is it possible to read more than one channel at the same time using DCOM on DS7.1?

Right now I'm building a list of channels and I iterate over this list. For each channel I read its DBValues[posToRead].

When used on the same machine it works OK but on a remote machine it's very slow.

Is there a better way?



DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 20.04.2017 08:00


unfortunately there is no way to read multiple channels at once. You will have to stick with itterating over every channel like you've been doing so far.

Jack Morrison

Posted on 11.12.2017 17:06

I have the same or similar problem - actually the timing is quite variable and sometimes slow (several hundred msec) to query a handful of channels, even on the same machine. I just want to get the latest sample from each channel. Is there a faster way to do this? Would another interface besides DCOM work better?

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