Custom Math with multiple inputs

Savvas Tzavaras

Posted on 01.05.2016 22:06

Hello to Dewesoft Developing community.

I had one question on custom math plugin. How can I made a multiple input frame with drop down menu for a custom math plugin. A example idea like the strain Rosette input section.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 23.05.2016 08:03


When registering plugin, this needs to be written into register:
Reg.WriteInteger('ModuleType', 1); //0-one channel input 1-many ch. input

On GetInputChannels the channel list of all the input channels needs to be filed:

procedure TMath.Math_GetInputChannels(List: TStringList);

List.Add('Input A');
List.Add('Input B');
List.Add('Input C');

Savvas Tzavaras

Posted on 31.05.2016 23:59

Thanks for your answer.

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