Custom icon in custom plugin

Tomáš Zůbek

Posted on 02.04.2015 10:13

I need a little help for our partner Workswell that wrote the new Dewesoft plugin for low cost FLIR cameras and USB IR cameras – they want to put their company logo as the icon for the plugin in the Dewesoft setup screen instead of the standard one. According to them this should be possible, they just could not find how to do that in the programming reference. Can you send me instructions how to replace the icon?

They are writing the SDK / plugin in C#

Andrej Ikica
Software engineer
Posted on 02.04.2015 10:15

Hi Tomáš,

changing plugin icon was so far not possible for .NET (C#) plugins. However, I implemented this feature and users can now change the icons.

User has to specifty filename of the icon he wants to use (for example test.png):

regHKLM = regHKLM.CreateSubKey(keyName);
regHKLM.SetValue("GUID", guidStr);
regHKLM.SetValue("Name", FPluginName);
regHKLM.SetValue("Description", FPluginDesc);
regHKLM.SetValue("Icon", "test.png");
regHKLM.SetValue("Version", "1.0");
regHKLM.SetValue("Vendor", "Dewesoft");
regHKLM.SetValue("TLB", 7);regHKLM.SetValue("NET", 1);

... and put the file (in this case test.png) to the Addons folder together with the plugin.

This feature is supported in Dewesoft X2 SP2 RC8 and forward...

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