csv file from manual exporting different from csv file created by ODE plugin

nico pagliarecci

Posted on 23.05.2016 09:17

we successfully installed the ODE plugin using DEWESoft 7.

We noticed that the csv file that the plugin is saving automatically (1Hz_2016_05_20_trial_SIN_2016_05_20_0000) is different from the csv file created via manual export (2016_05_20_trial_SIN_2016_05_20_0000). Please find attached the above mentioned csv files.

Do you have any explanation for that? Since our in-house post processing tool will be based on the csv file structure coming from the ODE plugin, it's vital for us to have the right values coming out of the system prior post-processing.

I attached the setup (d7s) we used as well in order to let you check the plugin settings.

Thank you for your time.

Attached files:
DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 22.06.2016 08:39


unfortunately, the file which the plugin is saving automatically can't be changed, but it is possible to export from DEWESoft in custom time format.

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