Access to .d7d data through DWDataReaderLib.dll

Andrei Key

Posted on 22.04.2014 13:00

Hello everyone!

I am trying to access data from .d7d file using .dll library for Visual Basic. My problem is that I can not access commands within this file (or basically use it).

First i tried to make a reference to the file DWDataReaderLib_stdcall, but Visual Basic gives an error message that this type of data is not a COM object. 

Then I tried to use "Declare" function to introduce .dll file to my program, but it also did not work with "entry point" mistake.

Did someone faced this problem, or know how to use this .dll file with VB? 

Any help will be appreciated.

Andrei Key

Posted on 30.04.2014 07:14

Question can be cancelled. Find a solution with correct declaration of functions.

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