Setting for 2 GPS devices on SBOX

yuichi umezane

Posted on 07.09.2020 10:43

I am trying to record GNSS data using two GPS devices on SBOX.

But it didn't work well.

One is external GPS device,assigned on COM18 by OS (windows10).

The other is internal GPS device,assinged on COM3.

I have seen that Both GPS devices is recognized at "Ch.Setup" view.

On this "Ch.Setup" view, the external GPS is named as "GPS1" and internal GPS is as "GPS2".

I can see both data of GPS1 and GPS2 updating cyclic on "Ch.Setup".

I tryed to display data of GPS1 on GUI "Measure" and to store data by press "REC" icon.

However, data of GPS1,displayed on "Measure", were not updated and also not recorded.

I guess I've made some mistakes about setup.

Would you some advices for me about correct setting.

For your reference, main settings on my SBOX are below.


   Time source : Dewesoft DAQ Devices

   Dewesoft DAQ Devices : Automatic

   NMEAconpatibleGPS - COM18 : Software (external GPS)

   Dewesoft RS232(Topcon/JAvad/NVS) - COM3 : Software (Internal GPS)


   Channel setup sample rate : 20000 s/s/ch

   Enable DSI adapters, TEDS sensors : Checked

Nina Kovač
Automotive Application Engineer
Posted on 07.09.2020 11:33

Dear @yuichi umezane,

I will suggest you to check the following:

1. Set the Dewesoft DAQ Devices time clock on the internal GNSS - so the RS232 one

2.If you have both antennas connected? One antenna on the external GNSS device, and also one on the SBOX for the internal one?

3.If you have all of the channels of the 'GPS1' set on 'Used'?

Let me know if any of those points solved the issue.

yuichi umez

Posted on 08.09.2020 04:32

Dear Nina Kovač,

Thank you very much for your reply.

At first, I will try your advice No.1.

And then , I answer your question No.2.

The external GPS device consists of an antenna and a control box.

The contorol box of GPS connects to SBOX by usb cable.

This contorol box is recognized serial communication terminal(assigned COM18 port ) by SBOX.

Because the control box has the USB-serial commnication chip in it.

Otherhand,the internal GPS anntena is not attached to SBOX.

Because it is not neccesary the internal GPS data for current my experiment. 

And, I answer your question No.3.

In the view called “Ch.setup”, I have set all channels of “GPS1” to “ON”.

In the Japanese version of Dewesoft X3 on my SBX, this term is called "on" rather than "used".

I can choose ON / OFF.



Nina Kovač
Automotive Application Engineer
Posted on 08.09.2020 10:44

Dear @yuichi umez,

Connection of the external GNSS with the SBOX is ok.

Is the external device provided by Dewesoft, or is it 3rd party device? Because if it is 3rd party device, you need to have the PPS pulse provided on the DSR pin. If you do not have this, you will need to add an antenna to internal GNSS device (to the SBOX) in order to get the right synchronization, so the RS232 will be the time source then.

And my 'used' was meant for your 'on', yes, so you have all set just right then.

yuichi umez

Posted on 09.09.2020 03:17

Dear Nina Kovač,

Thank you very much for your reply.

The external GPS is a third party device.

I have understood as below.

The internal GPS antenna must be connected to SBOX. This is necessary for the SBOX to get right sync properly.And I have to set "time-source" to "Dewesoft RS232" for effective working the connection above.

I will do the above setup and operation according to your advice.

And I'll report you whether it worked.

Best regards,

Nina Kovač
Automotive Application Engineer
Posted on 09.09.2020 13:36

No problem.

Yes, that's correct. In your case with 3rd party device, it has to be connected to the SBOX.

Let us know how it will go.

yuichi umez

Posted on 11.09.2020 09:16

Dear Nina Kovač,

I will report to you the result of trying according to your advice.

Both GPS devices has acquired the correct data on correct timing. I got the results I needed.
Thank you very much!

Best regards,

Nina Kovač
Automotive Application Engineer
Posted on 11.09.2020 09:59

@yuichi umez nice to hear that!

If there will be anything else that we can help with, let us know.

Have a nice day!

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