Resistance measurement

Brian Balvin

Posted on 12.04.2023 23:26

I am trying to measure resistance between two points, in my case a "switch", in order to trigger once a specific resistance level is met across the switch. With only two wires from my switch, I am having trouble wiring this as an analog input. Initially, I thought simply wiring my switch in series between IN- and IN+, or between IN+ and EXC+, but neither seems to work. Hardware is a 43V, and sensor/switch is an OEM customer part, with target resistance levels in the rage of 1000-4500 ohms. Any guidance or suggestions?

Edit: we are currently doing this manually with a typical digital multimeter, so I am basically trying to replicate the ability of the multimeter's resistance measurement mode.

Primoz Lapi
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 17.04.2023 09:41


DEWE-43 doesn't support resistance measurement directly, but you can use DSI RTD adapter.

ersin basaran

Posted on 31.10.2023 15:31


I have same issue with Iolite, 6xSTG... It seems Iolite stg supports resistance measurement, however, i can't figure out the connection diagram on the channel setup.

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Rok Kmetič
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 03.11.2023 14:11

Dear Ersin,

the dotted lines are optional connections that you can make and the bold ones are necessary. On the picture below is an example of how to connect a resistor to the STG amplifier:

Below you can see the connection diagram explained:

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,


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