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nick arran

Posted on 27.06.2017 20:12

I just made myself a lead to connect a car OBD2 port to my dewe-43 ... more as a learning experience than anything else. As per the OBD2 plugin manual I connected OBD2 pins 14 and 6 to CAN input d-type pins 2 and 7 respectively. Now I can talk to my 2014 Skoda, but not to my 2001 Saab 93 (which is much more interesting as it has turbo pressures and stuff to look at).

I can only presume that the lead only works for J2284 (ISO 15765?) and that the Saab has something else. J1850 perhaps?

What other connection possibilities are there that the dewe-43 will support? Is it even worth making up a connector to access (say) pins 2(signal) and 4 (ground) or is the OBD2 plugin specific to the hardware layer that uses pins 14 & 6?

NB I have one of those ELM-327 devices that talks to anything, but I think it is reading more than two pins simultaneously and working out which have data on them.

Primož Gorenšek
Automotive Application Engineer
Posted on 28.06.2017 13:45

Dear Nick,

For model years before 2014 there was no common OBD II Can bus and it is possible this will not work with Dewesoft. You can check on the connector in the car if you have wires connected on pins 6 and 14. If they are not connected then this is not supported. If they are, you can try to switch back to CAN (without OBDII plugin) and use the scan function to see if any messages are being read.

I have also found that SAAB 2001 uses a baudrate of 47,619 kbit/s, so please also try this.

One interesting link about SAAB CAN bus:


Best reagrds,

Primoz Gorensek

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