AC source for LVDT

Ryan Rousseau

Posted on 17.04.2019 22:33

Hey does anyone know if X3 can be used as an AC source to power the primary coil of an AC-AC LVDT? 3vrms and 3kHz. Any help is much appreciated!


Ryan Rousseau

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 24.04.2019 08:59

For AC-AC LVDT sensor probes you would require one of ours DSI-LVDT adapters. 

Adapter will provide AC Excitation for the LVDT sensor probes. 

Please refer to technical reference manual (see attachment) for details. 

Our DSI-LVDT adapter can provide only two preset frequencies:

Sensor Exc. voltage : 2,88Vrms (differential)

Sensor Exc. frequency : Selectable 4,02kHz / 9,60kHz typical; 2,5% error 

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