Wiring diagrams for analog sensors pressure and temperature

Pieter Dekker

Posted on 20.01.2020 14:38

I am trying to connect a absolute pressure sensor to the analog input pin connector on the DEWE 43. The pressure sensor has a 4 pin M12 male connector with a 0- 5 V voltage output. I am unable to figure out how to connect the sensor to the 9 pin D-sub female connector on the DEWE 43 for analog inputs. I've been through the DEWE 43 manual which contains the different types of sensor connections and schematics, but I am unable to identify which would be the most suitable for this particular sensor.

Do the schematics on page 22 and 23 imply that i need to use twisted pair cable? I have attached the spec sheet for the pressure sensor see 'WebTec-MPT-BU-ENG-2406'. The 4 pin M12 male connector has the following schematic: For pins 1 to 4

1 : V IN

2: V OUT

3: GND

4: N/C

I have a similar sensor to connect temperature see datasheet ' WebTec-TP125-BU-ENG-1764 .pdf' pin assignment is

1; +IN

2; V OUT

3; GND

4; CASE.

How do i wire up to 9pin dsub on dewe 43?

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 22.01.2020 09:20

Dear Pieter,

Thank you for your question. Shielded cable is needed in harsh measurement environments where is a chance of signal interruptions.

MPT-BU-ENG-2406 - pressure

1: V IN - pin 5 +12V. Supply voltage of sensor is 10 - 30 VDC

2: V OUT - pin 2 IN+

3: GND - pin 4

4: N/C

TP125-BU-ENG-1764 - temperature

1; +IN - pin 5 +12V. Required supply of sensor is 12 - 32VDC. If directly supply from DSUB is not enough you should provide external supply.

2; V OUT - pin 2 IN+

3; GND - pin 4

4; CASE - pin 4

Kind regards

Matic Pevec

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