Syncing with other (non-dewe) cquisition systems

Brian Liswell

Posted on 11.02.2020 18:24

I have an activity coming up. Two different acquisition systems. One Dewe. Other a system with fewer options, less configurability.

I am trying to put both on the same time basis. Dewe will be sampled at 10x the other system. Perhaps the best thing to do is have both sample a common clock/signal. nonDewe system might need to sample everything as analog.

I see Dewe can take in an external clock/trigger. But really no examples for that in the manuals.

The nonDewe system has an internal 5MHz sync clock we can tap into. Is that useful? Can we send it to the Dewe to keep both on the same time basis, constant time offset?

Matic Pevec
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 12.02.2020 13:29

Dear Brian,

Thank you for your question. Dewesoft have few options available for synchronisation. Detailed explanations are on the We can't say if our devices are compatible with your third party DAQ system so we will need more information. Can you specify which devices you uses? What kind of sync is outputed from third device? I would suggest you to import IRIG-B DC or NTP into Dewesoft.

Best regards

Matic Pevec

Brian Liswell

Posted on 19.02.2020 17:31

@Matic Pevec

Thanks for getting back on this.

To put it in Dewesoft terminology, I think the 3rd party devices use a Clock/trigger between it's distributed devices.

That is my guess for closest match. I don't know what the manual means by Clock/trigger. Specifically it doesn't give any examples or allowable specs?

Would a 5MHz TTL be an acceptable clock? Would the Dewe then sample at 5MHz or would devices handle lowering the sample rate to value set in software?

Matic Pevec
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 21.02.2020 11:23

Hi Brian,

In general, one of the options is using clock for synchronization between Dewesoft devices. Yet two conditions needs to be fulfilled. Clock value shouldn't exceed the sample rate and triggering signal should be fulfilled to Start/Stop the measure.

Max clock Dewesoft device can accept is 1MHz for Sirius HS in condition triggers exist. Therefore if your clock is 5MHz it means overcome the first requirement. In theory we won't sync the system with that option.

Best regards


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