robin du

Posted on 28.09.2014 01:34

As for DEWESoft SIRIUS instrument,I have two suggestions,

1.For strain measurement,it should be designed a plug for SIRIUS,because every measurement I need to weld the wire to DSUB9 connector,it's not very convenient.

2.It should be designed SIRIUS thermocouple model, I don't mean the new TiTAN model,because SIRIUS and TiTAN model will become two parts of a system,especially in vehicle testing, I will fix the device twice.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 01.10.2014 14:20

Dear Robin,

this can be solution for your first question:

Best regards,


Jure Knez
President & cofounder
Posted on 04.10.2014 18:14

Dear Robin,

Thank you for your input.

Thermocouple Sirius would be quite an effort since ADC is of Titan TH and Sirius is a lot different and Sirius has a different platform (FPGA) than Titan (ARM) , but we will do the mounting plate for Titan that they can be mounted on top of Sirius slices. 

We are working also to implement same bus system (Ethercat) on Sirius modules, so TItans and Sirius slices can be daisy chained together with one cable fro power, data and sync.

Best regards

dr. Jure Knez, CTO

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