SIRIUSiwe Counter: 5Hz?

Keith Heimann

Posted on 02.11.2017 18:34

In the DS-TACHO-01 technical reference document there is a note that says the SIRUIS counter port requires 5Hz or greater frequency, and goes on to say that at 1pip per revolution my measurements are limited to 300rpm, which makes sense at 5 Hz.. However I have been able to use the counter slice to read down to a 1Hz signal. I would like to understand this before communicating this to my team, that we most use multiple pulses for slower shafts. Is the 5Hz a "soft" limit, or is this referring to something else? I am using a SIRIUSiwe STGM device.


DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 07.11.2017 13:18


if you have a sensor with 1 pulse per revolution, the lowest detectable frequency on the counter input is 5 Hz.

If your sensor has multiple PPR, you can detect lower frequencies. For example, if your sensor has 10 PPR, you can measure down to 0.5 Hz (5Hz/10PPR = 0.5 Hz).

If you would like to measure the frequencies below 5 Hz with the 1PPR sensor, I suggest using the Angle sensor math.

Here you can define the lowest detectable frequency.

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