SIRIUSi: some amplifiers "not supported" in newer Dewesoft

Thomas Luft

Posted on 29.07.2015 15:25

In newer Dewesoft versions (approx. starting in June) do no longer recognize the amplifiers in my SIRIUSi.

SW version until end of march were OK.

The latest version say "not supported". The channel info show no serial number.

I have 6 STG and 2 MULTI channels in my SIRIUSi, but only 1 STG an 1 MULTI is recognized.

Screen shots and a demo config is attached.

Help welcome


Attached files:
DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 30.07.2015 07:47


this is a very unusual problem. Reflashing module and motherboard firmware could help.
If this doesn't help, could we check this via TeamViewer?

Here is also our quick support tool: DEWESoft_QS.exe
Can you please send the ID to: [email protected]

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