SIRIUSi-MIC200 Test sig

Jacky Ma
Posted on 27.03.2023 11:18

Dear friends

MIC200-L1B7f channel features "Calibration output" on Pin 1. I'd be interested in how we use test signal properly?

What about scaling?

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Jernej Sirk
NVH Application Engineer
Posted on 29.03.2023 07:10

Dear Jacky,

this pin is prepared for the potential future functionality where calibration/test signal is sent through this pin in order to excite the microphone after which the response is measured and this can be used for calibration or validation of the sensitivity and mic response.

However, as of now, this pin does not serve any function yet and can be regarded as ''not connected''. We will make sure to edit the pinout accordingly so that it is clear.''

Best regards,

Jernej Sirk

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