SIRIUSi ethercat 8xSTG - LP Filter hardware ?

Helmut O'Brian

Posted on 19.01.2021 18:18


I found this FAQ concerning SIRIUS HS :

I was wondering if LP filters (that we can configure in the channel) with SIRIUSi ethercat 8xSTG are fully hardware (firmware) or if it is the same as SIRIUS HS (firmware or software depending on cutoff frequency).

Software filters require DEWESoft to be launched even with Ethercat communication ? Must it be launched once and then we can close it and the configuration will be saved or does it have to be kept running ?

In the case of an ethercat communication (with a generic ethercat master) do you know if the filters are taken into account in the received data ?

Thanks for your help,

Helmut O'Brian

Posted on 19.01.2021 19:31

To be more specific : what is the Ethercat data value sent (when not using DEWESoft as master and just an ENI file exported by DEWESoft) ? Is it the raw data ? the amplified data ? the amplified and filtered data ?

Aljaž Kropivšek
Control and Automation Application Engineer
Posted on 30.01.2021 11:25


unlike SIRIUS HS, the regular SIRIUS doesn't have filters implemented in the firmware, but only has two hardware filters, a fixed 100 kHz one and another 5 kHz filter which is turned on depending on the selection of the software filters in the analog input channel setup window:

1 kHz, for example, is the highest cut-off frequency at which the 5 kHz filter is turned on, which can be seen by looking at the "Info" tab in the analog channel setup window:

The software filtering is performed exclusively inside Dewesoft so the values transfered either over USB or EtherCAT connection are only raw ADC values, they are not amplified or filtered. Therefore the only filtering on the EtherCAT data received by the third party EtherCAT masters is done by the 100 kHz and optionaly 5 kHz hardware filters.

The only exception is our new implementation of filtering on the EtherCAT output for the more powerful FPGA module which can be integrated on request.

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