SIRIUSi counter/channel isolation

Ronald Swecker

Posted on 20.10.2022 15:02

I have a STGv2 8x+ and I have a 20K Hz. noise that I have isolated to the counter input that is cross-talking into the corresponding channel? My setup consists of DEWESoft V2022.3, a Full bridge transducer connected to channel 1, a monopole signal connected to Counter #1 through a Dewesoft Tacho. With the noise present, the Tacho does not indicate that it is being triggered ( I have the TACHO trigger threshold set for 200mV Pk,), but I do see the noise on Channel #1 and only on channel #1. If I disconnect the Tacho from the counter input the noise disappears on channel #1 (AI-1). If I connect the Tacho back to counter #1 the noies re-appears. This appears to be happening on all 8 inputs with the corresponding counter connected and on at least 3 different STG 8x+ slices. Am I not supposed to be isolated??

Corey Schwanz
Support Tech Manager
Posted on 08.11.2022 19:13


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The hardware team has reviewed this issue and have been able to replicate the issue that you are seeing and are discussing what the best options are to deal with this. Thank you for your patience and I hope to have a clearer explanation and path forward soon.

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