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Posted on 27.03.2015 10:23

On the website, there are  the following firmwares:

  • SIRIUS_HS_v7.0.8.75 - High Speed slices
  • SIRIUS_CD_v7.0.9.75 - SIrius CD Version???
  • SIRIUS_v5.0.3.16 - Sirius slices???

I think the HS firmware is pretty obviously on;y intended for High Speed 1MS/s slices, but the other versions are maybe not so clear.

Is it simply that any version where the CD firmware is needed will be labelled as a SIRIUS-CD slice on the serial number label?

Which version should be used for 16 channel HD slices?

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 27.03.2015 10:27

We know it is confusing, but the problem is that we use two different FPGA modules in SIRIUS and SIRIUS HD: Xilinx Spartan 3 and Xilinx Spartan 6. The firmware for Spartan 3 is SIRIUS_vx.x.x.x and for Spartan 6 is SIRIUS_CD_vx.x.x.x which has the on-device Dual Core handling, hence the CD in the name. 

Right now there are two things by which you can recognize which firmware the device needs: current firmware version and serial number:

  • serial number D00xxxxxxx - firmware SIRIUS_v4.x.x.x or SIRIUS_v5.x.x.x
  • serial number D01xxxxxxx - firmware SIRIUS_CD_v6.x.x.x or SIRIUS_CD_v7.x.x.x
  • and with HS it says HS everywhere, so at least this one is easy and obvious
We plan to pack all firmware in one file in the future to avoid this confusion, but it will probably take some time before we will actually do it.
Aljaž Kropivšek
Senior Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 27.03.2015 12:19

I would just like to add that if you upload a wrong firmware - do not worry, no damage can be caused by doing that, just upload the correct firmware and the device will work again.

You might see a warning saying that the "Firmware does not correspond to device. Press OK to continue." in which case just press OK and it will continue. You might also get a message saying "Error: Device1: FLASH Write". If this happens press OK and start uploading again. It will then successfully upload the firmware.

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