Moe Bull

Posted on 10.01.2013 04:55
Sorry guys, not sure if this belongs here, but I would really appreciate it if you could give me a (ballpark) price for the Dewe-43 as well as MSI-BR-ACC adapters. Thanks
Marjan1 Grilj
Posted on 10.01.2013 08:07
Hello Moe, I suggest you turn to your local dealer: > Find dealers or send request to sales (at) Best regards, Marjan Grilj, Dewesoft support.
Anders Frederiksen

Posted on 27.09.2016 00:19

I never understood why companies want to bug potential customers by not indicating prices. Seems to me the only "gain" is a bunch of request for quotes to the dealers. Waste of everybodys time!

I've (also) given up finding pricing on this online - which indicates "expensive". Looking closer, the specs are good and it seems there's Lemo connectors on it - and if it's not copies it's definitely (unfortunately) out of my price range... ;-)

But for the people with no budget concerns it does indeed look like a great, little system! :-D

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