Please help me understand the SIRIUS amplifier types: STG, STGM, STGM+, etc

Lemmy Atom

Posted on 24.02.2021 22:05

I'm trying to explain to my collogues the different SIRIUS "STG" variants. Literature is gets confusing with all the options

This is what I've come up with:

STG (voltage, full/half/quarter bridge strain, current, resistance, temperature, potentiometer)

STG+ (same as STG but with counters- think encoders. etc)

STGM (same as STG but without the temp and potentiometer I think)

STGM+ (the “+” is just a counter input option useful if you do any encoder stuff)

STGS (?)

MULTI (same as STGM but with Digital inputs and analog outputs) Multi channels can be split to utilize inputs and outputs simultaneously (?)

Please correct me and add additional details.

Thank you.

Matjaž Strniša
Automotive Application Engineer
Posted on 25.02.2021 17:01

Hello Lemmy,

+ refers to counters, stg, acc, lv etc. with + means that counter digital inputs are implemented.
STGM don't supports Resistance measurement and needs DSI RTD for RTD temperature measurements.

On the left you see STG on the right is the STGM, you find the data on our page.

STGS is not part of dual core family of Sirius amplifiers but is part of HD (high density amplifiers) which are even more limited because they are operating with limited ranges

in comparison with dual core with has 2 active ranges.

Multi is STGM with Counter and Analog out combined in one amplifier.

I recommend you to check the Sirius manual for further informations.

Best regards,

John Yaron

Posted on 17.09.2021 21:10

Does the MULTI Analog-Output signal support the capabilities provided by the DewesoftX Function Generator?

John Yaron

Posted on 25.09.2021 03:42

Does the MULTI Analog-Output signal support the capabilities provided by the DewesoftX Function Generator?

Primoz Lapi
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 15.03.2022 10:32


the analog out on Multi module has the same capabilities as the one on the back of the Sirius.

If there is a Function generator license, it will work.

Mark McAtee

Posted on 10.03.2023 01:27

The DEWESoft Egineer's Handbook is an excellent resource for comparing models or identifying which model best suits an application.

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