Minitaur 101 - Windows 10

Harm -

Posted on 19.06.2016 19:21


what is your recommendation concerning upgrading windows 7 to windows 10.
It is advisable / are there any issues with windows 10?

This for a Minitaur 101 (dual core version).


Harm van Dijk

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 20.06.2016 08:07


using DEWESoft with Windows 10 should be the same as with Window 7 in terms of general use, the are however two downsides:

1. Macros in sequencer don't work

2. Smartek GigE filter driver is not fully supported yet (it should be added in the near future)

Harm -

Posted on 12.02.2018 13:40


is there some news on this topic? I would be interested to know if Windows 10 is fully supported on a Minitaur 101 (dual core).



Liza Denverse

Posted on 03.02.2020 07:46

Definitely It has some issues with windows 10. I have already experience this. Not only that my taskbar won't hide in fullscreen. Manitor 101 has not working at all, it is better to use another version of windows.

Harm -

Posted on 03.02.2020 09:30

@Liza Denverse

Hi, and thanks for your response. I am told that there will be no Windows 10 drivers for the Minitaur 101 and that the internal memory (2GB) cannot be expanded.

We will stay with windows 7 on it until the device dies.

Best regards,


Stefan J

Posted on 24.02.2020 16:40

The form factor of instruments with an internal/integrated PC is nice, but due to incompatibility of these small PCs

with new MS Windows versions after a few years I avoid this and always use a seperate IPC for DAQ systems.

So my recommendation is: never buy a DAQ system with an integrated PC unless there is no other way!

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