IRIG-B DC, Dewe-43A

Tristan Jones

Posted on 25.03.2024 01:05


Just wondering if a IRIG-B DC signal can be input directly into the Sync Connector on the Dewe-43A (and if so is it just passed in via the Clock and DGND?) or if a DS-Clock or similar is required.


Pika Kreča Šmid

Posted on 25.03.2024 15:26

Dear Tristan,

thank you for reaching out to us.

If I understand you correctly, you are looking at using an External Time source, with External clock provider being IRIG-B DC.

I suggest you take an additional look at our Synchronisation time source (Clock/Trig, IRIG, GPS PPS) solution for additional information to my answer. We support the IRIG-B-time code, which has a 1Hz Frame rate and a 5V amplitude- this is a TTL signal.

As for the connection itself- As long as the External IRIG connections correspond to the pins of Dewe-43's Sync connector (and, as long as Dewesoft supports the signal type) you should be able to input the signal directly into the Sync Connector on the Dewe-43. The Pin scheme is found in the Solution I've shared with you, as well as the DEWE-43A manual, pages 22 and 23. You should note that, when IRIG-synchronization is used, the IRIG signal is on pins 1,2:

This is how we can synchronize devices among themselves via the IRIG-B-DC as well.

Otherwise, we recommend you use the DS-TRIGGER-BOX to interface the Sirius LEMO sync connector to the IRIG B DC time signal generator.

We did a small test, where we used an External IRIG source and connected it to the CLK input on the DS-TRIGGER-BOX via the BNC cable. Then, we connected the DS-TRIGGER-BOX and the Dewesoft device (in our case Siriusi-HS) with a sync cable. We set synchronization as shown on the first image. The external IRIG source then acted as a clock provider.

Please let us know if you need any additional information/clarification.

Best regards,


Tristan Jones

Posted on 26.03.2024 21:36

Thanks for the prompt response

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