IOLITE STG and ACC connected in series

Luis Chillitupa

Posted on 20.05.2024 18:46


I am setting up a monitoring system using two iolite ACCx8 modules and two iolite STGx6 modules. I believed that I only needed to connect the first module to a power supply, and the other modules could be powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE).

I am using a 24V power supply. When I tested the setup by connecting one STGx6 module to the power supply and then connecting an ACCx8 module to it via Ethernet, the ACCx8 module did not turn on.

However, when I tested two ACCx8 modules connected via Ethernet, both modules turned on. On the other hand, when I connected two STGx6 modules via Ethernet, only one of them turned on.

Is this an issue with the power supply, or do STGx6 modules always need to be connected directly to the power supply?

Nejc Ucman

Posted on 21.05.2024 09:41

Dear Luis,

if you check the Technical Specification of the IOLITE Modular, you will see that PoE functionality is not possible on 6xSTG:


However, 8xACC does have PoE functionality, this is why it works when you chain two ACC devices.

In any case, I recommend separate power for STG to guarantee proper excitation for the sensors on the STGs (depending on what you use).

Best regards,

Nejc Ucman

Customer Support Engineer

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