How to connect thermocouples to IOLITE

Yanni Tsetsekos

Posted on 04.06.2022 00:47

Having trouble figuring out the best way of connecting thermocouples to my IOLITE DAQ. I have an 8xTH, 8xDI 4xDO, 32xDI, and 6xSTG. I'm looking to measure temperature in a plumbing/manifold test setup with IPA flowing at 50 psi, so I'm looking at the following thermocouple probes:

Option 1 and Option 2

Having the one end be 1/4" NPT is exactly what I need to connect to my system, but my confusion is with how to connect the opposite end to my IOLITE DAQ. Option A comes with stripped wire leads, and option B comes with an M12 4-pin connector. Perhaps there's some kind of adapter that I'm just ignorant about, but what would be the best way of connecting these to my hardware for reading data? Or, am I even looking at the right types of thermocouples?

It was my understanding that the connectors on the 8xTH are a universal thermocouple connection, but I haven't found any thermocouples that seem to have the necessary connector.

Appreciate any help.

Primoz Lapi
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 15.06.2022 15:32

In option 1 that you have sent, you can choose the Terminal connection type to Miniature connector.

The connectors are available also on this page:

For the sensor in option 2 that you have sent, you can choose here the M12 cable:

Here are the connectors:

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