How to connect pressure sensor to DEWE-43?

Khushi Singh

Posted on 19.07.2019 23:47

I am trying to connect a pressure sensor to the analog input pin connector on the DEWE 43. The pressure sensor has a 6 pin bayonet male connector with a 0- 100 mV voltage output. I am unable to figure out how to connect the sensor to the 9 pin D-sub female connector on the DEWE 43 for analog inputs. I've been through the DEWE 43 manual which contains the different types of sensor connections, but I am unable to identify which would be the most suitable for this particular sensor. I have attached the spec sheet for the pressure sensor. The 6 pin bayonet male connector has the following schematic: For pins A to F-

A: +ve supply

B: +ve output

C: -ve output

D: -ve supply

E&F: Shunt calibration

Rok Kmetič
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 30.07.2019 09:04

Dear Khushi Singh,

we would recommend using the connection option shown below because the Dewe43 has a 12V / 400mA sensor supply.

The sensor should be connected like defined on the picture.

For the sensor to work properly a scaling has to be made.

Do you need the Shunt cal sensor function?

A TEDS chip can be soldered on the D-sub connector (9 pin) and it can be programmed to contain all the information about the sensor itself as well as how amplifiers must be set. You don’t have to go through the set up and configuration steps because all the information is already saved in the chip - type of device, manufacturer, model number, serial number, calibration date, sensitivity, reference frequency, amplifier setup. The TEDS also stores the calibration coefficients and frequency response for a transducer in terms of a table or an algorithm. So it's a simple plug&play operation - once the sensor is connected, everything is already set.

Kind regards.

Rok Kmetič

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