DS-NET V8 module low pass filter specification

Harm -

Posted on 20.06.2016 12:54


what is the low pass filter (anti-aliasing) specification for a DS-NET V8 module?

The PDF manual states: Low pass 2kHz 5th order per channel (-3 dB at 2 kHz)

This seems quite low for analogue inputs. Is the information in the PDF manual correct?
And can it be switched off by the user?



DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 21.06.2016 09:32


the internal sample rate of DS-NET V8 module is 10kHz.
Because the DS-NET is not used for high speed applications, the 5th order low pass 2kHz filter is used.
Unfortunately, it is hardware filter and can't be switched off.

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