Dewesoft product 3D models

Viktor Rjabtšikov

Posted on 15.11.2022 09:28


Where would it be possible to find 3D models of your products? I would like to use 3D models for building a test bench. I am interested in the following products: DEWE 43A, PWR-MCTS2, and SIRIUSi-HS-4xHV-4xLV.

Kind regards,


Gregor Šmit

Posted on 17.11.2022 09:56

Dear Viktor,

thank you for reaching out to us. In the attachment are 3D step files. Please notice that there is only only step file for the Sirius device as the dimensions are equal to PWR-MCTS2 and SIRIUSi-HS-4xHV-4xLV

Kind regards.

Attached files:
Viktor Rjabtšikov

Posted on 17.11.2022 10:03

Dear @Gregor Šmit,

Thanks for the quick response and the files!

Kind regards,


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