DEWE43 Maximum device-to-PC USB Cable length

Phil Gooch

Posted on 20.11.2016 21:17

I have recently started using Dewe soft's J1939 abilities to setup a custom screen on DeweSoft to display hydraulic pressures and other info from our PLC system. This works great as we no longer have to sit inside the vehicle to see everything on our own HMI.

However, it would be nice it we could use a much longer USB cable than the 2m that we currently have.

I have looked online and seen that longer USB cables are generally only available with a power supply to keep the data intact along their length.

What is the maximum length of USB extension cable that may be connected between Dewe-43 and a PC?

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 22.11.2016 07:19


it's hard to exactly define the maximum length, but I can speak from the experience of one of our engineers who used a Sirius with the stock 1.2 m cable and a 5 m extension cable and was able to get maximum data output reliably (200k samples per second). When he added another 5 m extension, the system was unable to operate. I think that it should be the same for you Dewe-43, but it also depends on the amount of interference that your testing environment is experiencing.

Edward Sciberras

Posted on 25.11.2016 13:48

I have tried to use similar USB extension on a Sirius. With a passive extension cable (5m) + the stock cable, just trying it on my desk, the connection failed.

With an active extension + the stock cable the connection was fine. Tried two of these extensions but connection failed.

Interesting to hear if you have any recommendations on USB lengths!

Martin Bach

Posted on 19.05.2017 13:38

I use a DELOCK cable USB2.0 with 15 meters without any Problems! And I use it for more than 3 years now, always together with a DEWE43. It is an active usb extension but without an separate power supply. As far as i know the integrated amplifier is supplied with the usb power itself. I ordered it over amazon.

I never tested it with 200k samples but for my use with 1...5k samples it works fine.

nick arran

Posted on 19.05.2017 14:10

I've successfully used a 5m active extension plus the stock cable, between dewe-43 and pc inside locomotives, at up to 50kS/s .. seems OK despite a fairly high noise environment. The USB GPS receiver (also on an active 5m extension) kept dropping out tho - and when comms is regained, dewesoft doesn't start reading it again.

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