Davide Benassi

Posted on 18.11.2015 10:25


I would like to connect one DEWE43 and one KRYPTON module togheter on a single notebook.

My doubt is about krypton cables: I have only two connector. One is used for Ethercat to PC, One is used for power supply.

Is it necessary to use the sync with krypton and dewe43?

Or is possible to leave it disconnected?

Or there is a special box to make this connection?


Andries de Bué

Posted on 10.01.2016 22:11

Hi Davide,

The DEWE-43(A) can not be sync 1-to-1 with KRYPTON. Then you need the ECAT-SYNC-JUNCTION or ECAT-GPS-JUNCTION.
However when the speed of the KRYPTON is just a few hundred Hz, you can do without synchronisation. However according to
our experience it is important to use DEWESoftX2 SP5 or higher.

Best regards,

Andries - The Netherlands

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