DEWE 43 - Comes with Calibration Sticker - what if it is expired

David Barnes

Posted on 04.01.2017 21:21

Experience indicates test equipment should be calibrated on a regular basis prior to collecting test data, is this necessary for the DEWE 43A devices? Our device came with a calibration sticker, but no actual calibration datasheets to indicate what parameters were calibrated, etc.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 05.01.2017 13:49


every instrument needs to be calibrated at regular intervals. The standard norm across nearly every industry is an annual calibration. Before your DEWESoft data acquisition system is delivered, it is calibrated. Detailed calibration reports for your DEWESoft system can be requested, but are not included with the shipment. We retain them for at least one year after system delivery.

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