Dewe 43 A with Labview

Alex Kuyumcuoğlu

Posted on 26.03.2020 08:53

Hi All,

Is it possible to get for example accelerometer measurement from Dewe 43 A hardware by using Labview software?

If yes, how is it possible?

Thank you all.


Rok Kmetič
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 26.03.2020 09:12

Dear Alex,

unfortunately, it is not possible to get the data directly with different software, realistically the only chance to get data from our devices is via DCOM or Dewesoft NET, but with Dewesoft running in the background. Directly, without Dewesoft this is not possible.

Best regards.


Alex Kuyumcuoğlu

Posted on 26.03.2020 14:22

Dear Rok,

Thank you for your concern.

Kind Regards,


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