DAQ with DS-Net and LabVIEW

Tobias Seckinger

Posted on 28.11.2012 09:09
Hello, I have got a problem with the data aquisition with a DS-Net modul and LabVIEW. Is the DS-Net modul supported by LabVIEW? And how can I get a connection between them?
Sašo Piskar
Senior Software Engineer
Posted on 29.11.2012 09:10
Hello Tobias, please check this page: http://www.gantner-instruments.com/software/drivers There you will find: Free VI files as examples for incorporating our products into LabVIEW This should work the same for DSNET modules.
Tobias Seckinger

Posted on 04.12.2012 13:32
Thanks a lot...
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