Connecting Full Bridge Strain Gauge to the DEWE-43A

Rishi Kansara

Posted on 29.06.2023 00:27

Hello, what is the full setup for a full bridge type 3 setup ( I have 120 ohm strain gauges with a gage factor of 2.1. The online guide has a setup different then what I see in the software for the DEWE-43A. Please let me know what the software setup should be.

Rok Kmetič
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 30.06.2023 13:09

Dear Rishi,

The online guide that you send is from national instruments. This is a general explanation of how full-bridge sensors work.

I would suggest checking out our Dewe-43 manual:

We also have Pro training that can be useful:

Also, I have attached a Bridge completion manual, where all the possibilities are explained. All our adaptors have a TEDS chip installed which automatically sets the channel to the correct configuration.

Best regards.


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