Combination of Sirius and Krypton (or DEWE43)

Harm -

Posted on 17.03.2015 14:33


is it possible to combine a Sirius and a Krypton (or DEWE43) and use a separate aquisition rate per device?

In my specific case, I would like to use a Sirius with 500kS/s and a Krypton or DEWE43 with 10kS/s.



Jure Knez
President & cofounder
Posted on 17.03.2015 16:28

Yes, it is possible to run different hardware at different rate. If you use for example Sirius and Dewe43, then select IRIG as internal sync protocol and then you can run both devices at different rates. Simply select all channels of one device to run at 500 k and all channels on other device to run at 10 k. The divider will be done then in hardware which makes the data alias-free. 

But please be careful, if you select only some channels on one device to run at specific rate, then the data will be down sampled in software.

Harm -

Posted on 21.06.2015 19:56

Hi, I tried this with a Sirius and Krypton. Sirius on 500k (all channels) and Krypton (all channels) on 10kS/s.

However, looking in the aquired data, the Sirius data is sampled with 500k but Krypton data is sampled with 5kS/s and not 10k.

Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong? Using X2 SP3 RC16, but without IRIG (I do not have a sync cable and sync box yet).

Andries de Bué

Posted on 10.01.2016 22:19

Hi All,

According to our experience it is important to use DEWESoftX2 SP5 or higher for the combination of KRYPTON/SIRIUS

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