4-20mA Pressure Transducer Setup

Chris Warren

Posted on 07.09.2023 01:13

I am looking to set up a current output 4-20mA Omega PX309 pressure transducer. I started with the Ext. direct shunt using an external power supply and hooking up similar to the diagram shown below using the 2 and 7 pins. When doing this it was giving an overload error in the setup. Does anyone have any experience using the current output pressure transducers in dewesoft?

Rok Kmetič
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 12.09.2023 10:36

Dear Chris,

the Krypton STG module is capable of providing the excitation for the sensor. You will have to use the External loop-powered shunt input type and connect the sensor as it is shown in the diagram. Excitation voltage can be set to 15 V because the sensor has declared excitation 9 to 30 V DC.

Another option is to use the DSI-20mA adapter which makes connecting the sensor easier without the need for soldering (it has a built-in shunt). More about the adapter you can find in the accessories manual on page 33: https://d36j349d8rqm96.cloudfront.net/3/6/Dewesoft-Accessories-and-sensors-Manual-EN.pdf

In your diagram, there is missing a shunt resistor. That is the reason you get the overload error.

Best regards.


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