LVDT Setup

Tristan Jones

Posted on 19.06.2023 01:30


Just wondering if you can provide a more detailed walkthrough of the setup for an LVDT, in particular the best approach to set the phase adjustment, as the manual for this isnt specific about where the core should be for adjustment etc.


Tristan Jones

Posted on 19.06.2023 04:53

In addition to this I have 3 LVDTs in my setup, however one requires a balance resistor between the secondary transformer centre tap and one of the 2 secondary windings, as specified by the manufacturer (in this case its a 20kOhm resistor that is required for this one sensor). Are you able to provide any further setup information for a LVDT that requires this additional connection, as it is not returning quite the results that I expect.


Gregor Šmit

Posted on 21.06.2023 12:57

Dear Tristan,

thank you for reaching out to us. When the core is in the center of the tube the magnetic flux from two coils cancel each out. This is the "null" position. For more information please refer to our article. We also have a pro training Angle measurement where a MSI adapter is described for phase adjustment. In your case however the excitation frequency needed is 5 kHz, whereas our MSI-LVDT support 4 kHz or 10 kHz.

It looks like the balance resistor is used for optimizing linearity around null. I would suggest that you contact the manufacturer for more details about the non-linearity around null.

Kind regards.

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