Import channels (triggered acquisition)

Andrew LEE

Posted on 18.04.2017 14:56


So here's my situation: I make at least 2 measurements (one after another) to verify test repeatability. Then I import the channels from my 2nd recording for analysis with my 1st, which allowed me to compare two graphs from different recordings.

The measurements were done manually (i.e clicking on "Record"). To make my life easier, I set up a trigger condition to start and stop recording. However, by doing so Dewesoft fails to import the channels. It says that it is unable to open file at first, and when it does open it on the 2nd attempt, an "Access violation" error popped up.

My question is so : Is this normal? Can Dewesoft import trigged recordings?

Ps- attached the debug report from my attempts

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Primož Gorenšek
Automotive Application Engineer
Posted on 24.04.2017 15:27

Dear Andrew,

We have tried to replicate the error but weren't able with our setup. Import worked also on triggered data files. Can you please share the setup that you have used and if possible also the data files. You can upload the data on the private forum or send it to if you would like to keep it private.

Best reagrds,


Andrew LEE

Posted on 25.04.2017 13:33

Dear Primoz,

I have sent an email with the download link to Thanks for looking into the matter


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