DSI and MSI adapters

Daniel Tseng

Posted on 11.04.2018 04:43

What is the main difference between DSI adapter and MSI adapter?

In the DsAccessoriesSensorsV1.2.6.pdf, there exist these two type adapters.

However, there is only DSI adapter on the DEWESoft website.

Are there any differences between DSI and MSI adapters?

Thank you.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 11.04.2018 08:06


MSI adapters are a DEWETRON product while DSI adapters are a Dewesoft product. Since the companies have an intertwined history, the adapters are fairly similar. I can't speak directly about the current status of MSI adapters, but I can say that several DSI adapters have been improved over the past few years.

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