DS-WiFi4 Software Question

Charles Arlint

Posted on 09.04.2024 21:53

Good day.

We recently received our DS-WIFI4 kit and are getting it assembled.

In the manual it refers to some Mikrotik software and has a link to their website. Is the program we are looking for their "Router OS 7"? If so, which packages are required and is this something we need to purchase a license for?

EDIT: OK. I went ahead and downloaded WinBox and the MIPSBE package. No problems there.

However, now I am at the bridging portion (page 9/27) and I have ether1 but no wlan for interface choice. This creates a problem further along on the setup. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Charles Arlint

Nejc Ucman

Posted on 11.04.2024 13:56

Dear Charles,

thank you for contacting us. I'm glad that you found the firmware package. Regarding the issues about wlan, I see two possibilites, either there is no wlan present/connected or there was an issue with updating the firmware package and you can try to repeat the process.

Best regards,

Nejc Ucman

Customer Support Enginner

Charles Arlint

Posted on 11.04.2024 14:28

@Nejc Ucman

I updated the firmware again and went through the entire setup from the beginning. I added ether1 to my bridge ports but I still do no see a "wlan" in the drop-down. (see image)

Should I be connected to a POE ethernet switch instead of directly to my laptop?

Should I select one of the other options from the list?

Aleczandir Sherriff

Posted on 06.05.2024 17:35

Hello, I am also have this same exact issue. Please advise.

Charles Arlint

Posted on 06.05.2024 17:39

@Aleczandir Sherriff The instructions that Dewesoft has published online are incorrect. The units come preconfigured and do no require the setup. I was unable to reset the unit and had to send mine back to Dewesoft.

They really need to pull the old instructions off of their site.

Aleczandir Sherriff

Posted on 06.05.2024 18:11

@Charles Arlint So basically, if I can get it to reset. Then the DS-WIFI4 should work automatically. Where are the instructions for the setup process then? Thanks a bunch!

Charles Arlint

Posted on 06.05.2024 18:30

@Aleczandir Sherriff I believe I skipped to section 4 in the TECHNICAL REFERENCE MANUAL.

Aleczandir Sherriff

Posted on 06.05.2024 19:02

@Charles Arlint So you did eventually get wlan1 to pop up or no?

Charles Arlint

Posted on 06.05.2024 19:53

@Aleczandir Sherriff

Not on the one that I followed the directions (we ordered and received 2 kits). I had to send the first one back. There is no way to recover once you install the Mikrotik firmware (step 7 of section 3). That is, as far as me and the Dewesoft support team could find.

The second one worked pretty well, starting from section 4, but we haven't had a use for it yet so I cannot tell you if everything is correct in the instructions.

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