AC/DC current transducer on STG-M

Manuel Eggersdorfer

Posted on 17.11.2021 11:47


we are working on a AC/DC current transducer / current clamp for our R2DB with STG-M modules.

We would like to connect a APPA 36T on the 9-pole D-Sub connector. Output are only 2 wires, attached is the datasheet of the transducer.

Is it correct if I use pin 2 and 7 on the Sub-D for this? What maximum currents can I expect to measure here with this configuration?

Thank you for your support and best regards

Manuel Eggersdorfer

Rok Kmetič
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 24.11.2021 09:51

Dear Manuel,

Thank you for reaching us. Yes, you are correct, the current transducer needs to be connected only to pin2 and pin7. It is battery powered so no excitation is needed. Please check which version of the STGM amplifier you have.

In older versions of STGM and STMv2, you will have to add a connection between pin7 and pin4. But if you have STGMv3 the connection is made automatically inside the device when switched to Single-ended mode.


Set the channel settings to single-ended mode and the measurement range to 1V. With these settings, you will be able to measure the full range that the transducer has:

The transducer has two ranges: 100A and 600A

  1. When measuring with 100A range the output ratio is 10mV/A. In the maximum range, you will get 1V outputted from the transducer (10mv/A * 100A = 1V).
  2. If the range is switched to 600A the output ratio is also changed. When measuring 600A, the transducer will output 600mV.

The scaling will have to be set accordingly.

Best Regards.


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